10 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Stay Healthy

Of course, this may seem a little too obvious – without water we are definitely going to die, but apart from that well-known fact, there are other indispensable functions that water does inside our body. We regularly take water for granted, but unaware to all, water affects your entire body system in the most subtle and profound ways. Here are some those functions that you may have never known about water:bottled drinking water

1. Maintain the Balance of Bodily Fluids: Comprising 60% of the entire human body, water in the form of bodily fluids facilitates digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and temperature maintenance. The Brain communicates with the kidneys and tells it how much water to hold on to as reserve and how much to give away as urine.

2. Reduce Calorie/Aids Weight Loss: If you are looking to get yourself fit again or get those extra pounds off from your body, then having a sip from a bottle will help you with your goal. Studies have shown that people, who take water before a meal, will lose weight faster than those who did not.

3. Makes Digestion Easier: Perhaps this one you may have already known, but there are those who might have known about and still suffer from digestive issues. Water acts on the digestion of food by dissolving fats and soluble fiber. It helps the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products, and the large intestine by binding to the fibre and increasing the bulk of the stools, reducing transit time and easing elimination. If adequate water is not consumed, the colon absorbs the water, increasing the chances of constipation.

4. It protects our joints and cartilages: The cartilage, the rubbery material that coats our bones – is about 85 percent water. It keeps the joints hydrated and supple, making it lubricated. It protects the spinal cord and tissues, keeping us healthy from the inside out. The cartilage releases water when there is an impact upon the joints and cushions the body from it.

5. The Psychological Effect: Yes, the sound of water itself is very therapeutic, making it a way to release pressure off the mind and calm your senses. It has been observed in a study of participants, that the sound of bubbling water and flowing stream water immediately calms the mind and gives it a sense of tranquillity.
6. Reduction of Cancer: Research has found that drinking water can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 33 percent for premenopausal women and 79 per cent for postmenopausal women. One theory is that a cell cannot function if it’s not properly hydrated, their internal functions become impaired and they may be less able to remove harmful substances, such as those which cause cancer.

7. It makes your exercise better: It is common sense that you need to drink water to replace all the fluids that you lost through sweating, but it is not known commonly that drinking water will make your body work harder and better during workouts. When you exercise for an hour or more, your body will start to weaken, and if you keep working out still, your body will suffer from post-exercise fatigue and exhaustion. Drinking water laced with carbohydrates and salts will replenish those lost fluid and give you the extra boost to go forward.

8. Warm water helps nasal congestion and sore throats: The traditional remedy of inhaling steam from hot saline water into your nasal cavity is widely practiced around the world. The hot water vapour will clear your nasal passages and loosens the mucus while at the same time, sweats out toxins. The other traditional remedy is to gargle warm salt water in your throat to help you relieve the soreness of it.

9. Boosts Productivity: The brain is made up of around 85 % water. Being dehydrated can really affect your concentration and even the short-term memory. A glass of water can easily help you concentrate and stay alert. Lack of proper hydration will really affect your hydration skills and it can be a cause of energy insufficiency.

10. It helps you look younger: Drinking water is directly attributed to helping the skin look more fresh and young. Though this is common knowledge, what most people don’t know is the fact that water has powerful detox power and flushes out all the bacteria and toxins in all the cells, thus keeping your skin and the surface fresh. Without water, there would not have been any life on earth. Every living organism needs water to survive and most of them are made of this liquid. Even though it doesn’t have any taste, we still crave it more than anything because we ourselves are made of 60% water. Water’s health benefits are enormous, yet they are not all known to the layman.

This article only enumerates only the basic health benefits, but water has a profound influence in your everyday life. Therefore, don’t let this essential component be taken for granted and consume it in good proportions to be healthy.