5 Gallon Water Bottle – An Icon of Endurance

The 5 Gallon water bottle like its cousins, the 500 ml, is one of the most popular forms of bottled mineral/drinking water. Ever think of why it’s not 7.5 gallons or 10 gallons? That’s because once we reach a perfect model with a capacity to last just for the right time at different contexts, there is no need to search for another one, and this is perfection. This is the 5 gallon water bottle, and it is here to stay for a very long time. It is an icon of endurance.5 gallon water bottleIn the archetypical office, a lot of discussions and office politics will happen over them, they are inverted over the water coolers, and everyone frequents them. This constant arrival will facilitate a lot of interaction between people who might not have known how to break the ice otherwise. They only get emptied very gradually, and everyone is aware of the needs of others, and knows about whose turn is it to refill so that there need be a lot of hassle of the responsibility for refilling, because they know that the 5 Gallon Water Bottle can Endure for exactly the right amount of time. It is an icon of sharing and community.In apartment lodges where two or three young men stay, staying out independently and away from their parents, earning for themselves. The 5 Gallon water bottle is not that heavy, it is only 5 Gallons, and it is there for them all the time, easy to replenish and reliable. It is used for everything from cooking and recreation; it is the best friend to everyone moving into the city to chase their dreams. It is there to quench their thirsts, it is there to make them feel refreshed, everyone who has gone through this phase of living with their friends, know how much of an integral part it played during those years. It is an icon of consistency.Like its other cousin, the 5-gallon water bucket, the 5 Gallon water bottle is a ubiquitous and can be found in any situation or room. You might just randomly visit an office or a store, and then you’ll find the 5 gallon water bottle somewhere in the corner, probably kept there for the employees and weary travellers. Indeed it is there in every store, and not to mention that it is vastly safer than normal tap water. It has gone through the most rigorous water processing techniques with carbon filtering and ozonisation is all performed before being poured into the trusty 5 gallon water bottle. It is an icon of safety.The 5 Gallon water bottle is extremely recyclable; it is there for the long term. Once you’ve the exhausted the contents of the water can, it is refillable again, because it is made up of the most trusted plastic containers. These bottles are there so that every one of us will not have to worry about the safety of our fragile environment and the earth. They have made with the least grams plastic, approved the austere regulation authorities, after all, the companies that produce the 5 gallon water bottle should not compromise on anything, even after the precious water is exhausted, it is made to endure, and it is meant to save the planet and lead it towards a path of sustainability.The 5 Gallon water bottle is most useful and can be distributed to almost every part of the world. Its rigidity and enormous capacity makes it the ideal candidate to be transported to remote locations where safe drinking water is hard to find. For them, the 5 gallon water bottle is an inanimate object that has been with the qualities of a saviour. For people living in the most desperate conditions and in desolate regions, the 5 gallon water bottle represents life giving waters that makes their entire lives worthwhile and easy to live.Throughout its existence, the 5 gallon water bottle has touched the hearts and minds of different people, races and lands. It has endured a lot of pressure, but it has never failed in its mission. Perhaps this quality of the bottle is why it has remained so popular despite the various other possibilities of storage. The 5 Gallon water bottle is here to stay, because it has grown into something more than the thing itself, and morphed into a cultural token. It is an icon!