Bottled Drinking Water in Dubai – Advantages over Tap Water

While you know there are many persistent reports and articles which claim that they have investigated and found out that bottled drinking water in Dubai is the same as any tap water source or almost as similar, these are extremely one sided. They do admit that the bottled-water-vs-tap-waterbottled water industry is booming and more people are using bottled water, but try to point out the fact that it is much costlier than tap water, while completely ignoring the other tremendous benefits that bottled water brings to society and individual. This selecting reporting is unprofessional and obviously reveals an agenda, and this article is committed with the purpose of bringing the flip side of this “accepted” view and will enumerate the reasons why bottled drinking water in Dubai is indeed a boon.

Portability: The ability to be transported anywhere and used anytime has been a defining feature of very successful inventions. Think about the transition from laportable waterndline to the mobile that is exactly how much the degree of difference is between bottled drinking water and tap water is. While one maybe a good way of getting a need fulfilled but restrictive, the other has the capacity to be taken anywhere and used at any time you desire. This same quality is what makes bottled drinking water in Dubai such a convenience and easily wins over the relative inertness of tap water.

Availability: Your tap water supply is controlled by the State. The State produces water with the aid of a filtration system initially and then proceeds to store it in tanks. When you turn on your tap, the pipes connecting the tank reservoir supplies the water to your household. But in circumstances where the pipe supply lines are cut, the only other alternative that you have for getting a safe drinking source is bottled water. bottled waterYes, this way it is clear that the most taken for granted resource is especially required after times of calamity. All of those who claim that bottled water is an unnecessary luxury will be imploring for a single bottle of water. There are some people who do not even such amnesties, for them the bottled drinking water is a necessary commodity that is indispensable.

An exceptional treatment method: The drinking water companies in Dubai have developed their own exceptional method to treat all the water that they have. They have devised a very layered and meticulous method for filtering out the pollutants and making the water pure:

Activated Carbon Filter: Absorbing organic components remove chlorination by products, remove cleaning products.
Microfiltration: Microorganisms and suspended particles are separated from water.
Ion Exchange Unit: Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, radium, barium and fluoride are removed.
Reverse Osmosis Unit: Removes Nitrates, Sodium, dissolved compounds
Distillation Unit: Removes nitrates, bacteria, heavy metals and radionuclides.
Ultraviolet: All harmful microorganisms like E.Coli, Cryptospordium and Giardia.

This immaculate absolutely purges all unwanted substances out from the water. The final result is the most purified and refined version of the source water, and the safest version to drink from.

The water bottles themselves undergo several treatment methods that start from their formation. They are fundamentally made of PET plastic pellets that after several stages of purification and pressurization and moulding become these plastic bottles. The final product is the most efficient plastic for recycling and reusing.

Source Material is Safer: When you read in the newspapers about companies who claim to be supplying you good quality bottled drinking water in Dubai but who are in fact taking their entire water source from a dubious source, they are vehemently lying. These companies are in fact procuring their water source from the freshest and remotely located springs in the vast wilderness of the deserts.

The companies go farther into the desert than other companies and spend all of their resources in doing so. They have with them so many collectors and procurers who earnestly go out and find out these oases located in the desert. To collect these materials, there has been sanctioned, by the government exclusive rights to these companies to do so. Therefore, when you actually purchase a spring water product, it is most definitely taken from the spring.

Acts as an alternative to soft drinks: Soft drinks are purchased when people are thirsty and for their sugary sweetness. This quality of soft drinks makes them irresistible for many – it quenches your thirsts and gives them sugar- but it is hardly healthy. Soft drinks by their very nature are corrosive because they contain so many substances that when consumed in the long, adversely affects your health.

When there is a bottle of water available for you at the store next to a sweetened soft drink, you would have a tendency to go purchase it. But if you are a really health conscious person, then you should go and choose the bottled drinking water instead. It has no calories or preservatives, but rejuvenates you; it’s cheap and more importantly it quenches your thirst.

For all intents and purposes, bottled drinking water is more useful, most basically because it is not static like tap water. You couldn’t go around and purchase tap water; they are only available either inside a structure or inside a public facility. While on the other hand, bottled drinking water in Dubai can be purchased anywhere, taken anywhere and used anytime. This convenience and the purity that it brings make it an indispensable product for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh water.