Best Recipes for Making Infused Water

Infused Water is a trend that is kicking off to great fanfare and more people are finding it a cheap and healthy diet choice. Their enthusiasm is heavily supported by many studies that claim drinking infused water has been shown to decrease a person’s weight due to the fact that it increases your metabolism. Besides having your water intake increased, they have absolutely no calories to go along with them unlike sugary or caffeinated drinks, making them the ideal choice for a healthy person.

infused waterInfused Water is usually created with a combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs all mixed inside cold water. The infusion begins when nutrients and essences of these items begins to diffuse into the cold water. Because of this the infused water will be full of flavour and sometimes quite delicious to the thirsty. Since it is such a perfect combinations, infused water has been dubbed as detox water for its comprehensive quality of cleaning the body of fats.

Well if you were not just able to pinpoint the clear ways how infused water will make a significant change in your body, here I will go out of the way to enumerate those key points:

It has flavour of the ingredients and yet no calories. Making it Delicious and calorie-free.

It is a great way to improve your mood for the day.

Its natural detox ability flushes out all the toxins from your body.

Will Fill You Up so That None of Your Bad Craving Take Over

Makes it possible for food to move through easily through your insides

Hydrates and Keeps the Organs Healthy While you’re perspiring or working out.

Helps in reducing muscle fatigue when you’re working out.

Similarly, helps the body to recover from a workout faster.

Stops from waking up and feeling too dazed.

Of course, what will intrigue you the most is how one can create recipes with just merely cold water? Merely, bottled water will have several benefits of its own but when cooled and added with nice fruits, vegetables and herbs, you will have many options to go through and this stimulates the imagination to create great recipes, some of which are displayed below.

Lemon Water: This is separate from lemonade, because the latter is made with sugar and citrus acid from the lemon, often added with other ingredients such as soda. But lemon water has merely a slice of lemon dipped in cold water and a mint to go along with it. The citrus acid organically infuses with the cold water giving the drink loads of Vitamin C and refreshing taste.

Mango Ginger Water: These two are great metabolism boosters that will really do wonders for your weight loss and energy. Ginger, apart from being a great metabolism booster, is a natural pain reliever that can mitigate anything from migraines to menstrual cramps. Even better, the combination of both help your reduce morning sickness and prevent those heat burns.

Cucumber Lemon Water: Cucumber Lemon Water is ideal for those who want to flush down all that unnecessary toxins down the sink. It has a great organic taste and hydrates your body to perform better. When both cucumber and lemon combine, it is the ultimate detox solution of all the infused water. Besides, it is exceptional for everyone wanting to shed a few pounds.

water infusedStart by testing out all these perfect recipes, and once you’ve witnessed the remarkable results for yourself, you can move onto creating even more recipes from all the vegetables, fruits and herbs that are within your reach. Some of the perfect combinations that will bring about increase in metabolism, weight loss and detox are:

Apple Cinnamon Water

Tangerine and Strawberry Water

Mango Pineapple Mint

Orange Chai

Pineapple Ginger

Cucumber Lavender

Mixed Melon

Orange Strawberry

Really, it is up to your imagination whether you find the right combination or not. But, infused water is something that will make you wanting to drink water more and all the other bad liquids less, making your life much easier.